Episode 3

XPC#3: Nobel Laureate Frank Wilczek "The Most Beautiful Equation is One We Haven't Discovered Yet."

Published on: 2nd November, 2021

The Xapiens Podcast (XPC) Episode 3:

Join Xapiens Co-Director Loyd Waites in a discussion with Nobel Laureate Frank Wilczek about his wide ranging work in particle physics and technology. Frank is a MIT professor of physics, Founding Director of T. D. Lee Institute and Chief Scientist at the Wilczek Quantum Center. You can find more information about his lab and current work here: https://physics.mit.edu/faculty/frank...

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About the Podcast

Xapiens at MIT
From Ideas to Reality
The Xapiens Podcast, hosted by two MIT Nuclear Physics PhD students, explores the bleeding edge ideas spanning biology, physics, chemistry, and computer science that mark our road to the future. Hear from experts in the field about the fundamental particles that make up the universe, revolutionary interfaces to the brain, and new technology that can change the way we interact with our futures. Listen to visionaries and Nobel prize winners, see what their hopes for the future look like, and how you can be a part of it.

About your hosts

Bobby Johnston

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Xapiens Co-Director | Physics and Chemical Engineering Undergrad, MIT PhD student, Hadronic Physics Group with Richard Milner & Peter Fisher

I began college as a Chemical Engineer after my high school chemistry teacher suggested it following my success in her class. At UMass I realized I wouldn't feel like I had actually experienced college if I didn't learn quantum mechanics, so I picked up a physics degree on the side as well. Along the way I did research in using transistors for security applications, building alternatively energy cars, and designing and manufacturing a particle detector for medium energy nuclear physics experiments. Continuing on at MIT for a PhD seemed like a wise path at the time, and I've spent the past 4 years on experiments searching for a dark matter analogue of the photon and measuring the 3D distribution of sub-nuclear matter. I'm a serial side-projecter, and now spend much of my free time working in Xapiens to try and get a better grasp of my own future.

Loyd Waites

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Xapiens Co-Director | RPI ‘16 in Physics, MIT PhD student, Janet Conrad's High Energy, Particle and Neutrino Physics Group

I received my bachelors in physics at RPI with a wide research background including theoretical astrophysics, NMR/low field MRI, and experimental particle physics. After graduating I worked for a year as technical staff at a non-profit government contractor, Draper Laboratory, where I gained experience in image processing, experimental optics and biophysics. I was granted the privilege of being named a Draper Fellow, funding in entirety my graduate tuition and stipend. I met Professor Conrad and her amazing group doing revolutionary research in neutrino physics, and when I was accepted to MIT I joined her group. My wide interests led to my joining Xapiens. Human enhancement has been a passion of mine, and getting to be more involved in the field is a great opportunity.